XPLR RULES & Regulations


1.1 – Applicability: These rules apply to all races that are organised by Xbox Pro League Racing Racing unless otherwise specified.

1.2 – Chat: All participants must be in the dedicated voice/party chat for the event. While you’re not obliged to talk at any time, you must be able to hear what’s being said in case of issues regarding your connection, conduct or any other problems. If you fail to join the chat you will be removed from the event.

1.3 – Acceptable talking: All talking during the race is not permitted. Minimal talking during qualifying is permitted but only on the topic of the event. General off-topic conversation isn’t allowed while drivers are on track. To ensure a quiet environment for everyone please mute your microphone. When you’ve finished your race, be mindful that others may still be on track even if you aren’t so please wait until the session has completely finished for all drivers before talking.

1.4 – Attendance: If you have confirmed your attendance for the event but can’t make it, you must give at least two hours notice to the event coordinator and/or the founders. This allows a reserve driver to be informed and to fill your space. Failure to do this will result penalty points being added to your XPLR licence as specified in section 8 below.

1.5 – No-shows: Confirm your attendance for an event as early as possible. If you haven’t confirmed or indicated your attendance two hours before a race, you will be assumed as not racing and a reserve may be found for you. Failure to inform the league admin of non-attendance will result in penalty points being added to your XPLR licence as specified in section 8 below.

1.6 – Rage quitting: Drivers are expected to try their best for the duration of the event. If any driver is suspected of retiring early or leaving the session entirely and cannot prove they did otherwise, they will receive a penalty as outlined in the penalties section below.

1.7 – Driver impersonation: Driving for someone else on their account is strictly prohibited. If this is suspected to have happened, both drivers will be removed from the community with immediate effect. To ensure the integrity of the leagues and events this will be strictly enforced when it occurs.


2.1 – All events will be posted in the relevant league chat section on Discord. All drivers who have signed up for the league need to confirm attendance or non-attendance using the reactions on Discord underneath the signup post (✅ = attending, 🚫 = not attending)

2.2 – Car selection: If car selection is required (not a one make league) the car selection can be confirmed any time before the first race of that league season, unless specified otherwise.

2.3 – Car change: A car change request must be sent to the league admin with your reason for wanting to change. If the league admin deems your reason satisfactory then you will be allowed to pick a new car. If however the league admin does not see your reason as adequate then your request will be refused. Changing purely for performance reasons will not be allowed, however changing for safety reasons may be permitted.

2.4 – Assessment race: Before being allowed into any XPLR league you will have to demonstrate you can drive safely/cleanly and your connection is stable by competing in an assessment race.


3.1 – Joining the lobby/server: The lobby/server will be setup 15-30 minutes before the event start time, depending on if a practice session is added before qualifying. You must be in the lobby/server before the event start time, anyone arriving after the start time won’t be invited in. This is to avoid lag caused by people joining.

3.2 – Invitations: You must set your online status as “Appearing Online”. Appearing offline may mean you aren’t invited to the race lobby and thus miss the cut-off time. No allowances will be given if this is the case and a replacement may be found for you.

3.3 – Connection issues: If you have connection issues before the race, inform the lobby host who will give you time to reset your router if there is still enough time before the event start time. If there is not enough time you will have to miss the event. If after re-joining you are disconnected again you will not be re-invited and you will have to miss the event.


4.1 – Lagging issues: If your car is spotted lagging/glitching on track then you’ll be asked to leave the session, and you have option to reset your router and rejoin. If however this doesn’t solve the problem you’ll be asked to leave and unfortunately miss the event. This applies to all drivers and will be enforced strictly to ensure the integrity of all races.

4.2 – Rejoining the track: If you leave the track for any reason, you must make sure you can re-enter the track safely and in enough space to not interfere with other drivers in any way. When you rejoin, stay off the racing line until you’re fully up to racing speed. Even if this means you drop to the back of the field, this rule is mandatory and always enforced. Do not rejoin straight away if this takes you into the path of other drivers. Resetting your car is strictly prohibited.

4.3 – Defending: One defensive movement per corner allowed, and no movement in the braking zone.

4.4 – Lapped cars: If you are about to be lapped then it is your responsibility to allow the faster car to pass in a manner that doesn’t affect their line or speed. Make your move early if possible so that the faster car can clearly see how to pass you.

4.5 – Pit entry/exit: The pit lane entrance and exit lines are to be respected at all times. You should use both as if you were racing these tracks in person.

4.6 – Damage: If you damage your vehicle and it is uncontrollable, or you deem it unsafe to attempt to return to the pits without impeding other drivers, then you must retire from the race.

4.7 – Track limits: Track limits are those as defined and controlled in the game itself unless otherwise stated.

4.8 – Flashing lights to distract others: Flashing your lights with the sole intention of distracting other drivers is strictly against the rules.


5.1 – In/out laps: When not on a hot lap you must ensure you do not affect the hot lap of any other drivers. This also applies if your lap is invalidated.

5.2 – Spacial awareness: Each driver is responsible for ensuring they have enough track space to complete their hot lap. The car in front/ahead always has priority.

5.3 – Racing in qualifying: Do not race other drivers during qualifying. If you’re found to be doing so you will be penalised.


6.1 – Finishing positions: XPLR runs a points system from 1st down to 16th position, unless stated otherwise. Below is the base points system used for all leagues. 

1st 30 65
2nd 25 60
3rd 21 56
4th 18 52
5th 16 49
6th 15 46
7th 14 43
8th 13 40
9th 12 38
10th 11 36
11th 10 34
12th 9 32
13th 8 30
14th 7 28
15th 6 26
16th 5 24
17th 4 22
18th 3 20
19th 2 18
20th 1 16
21st 0 14
22nd 0 12
23rd 0 10
24th 0 9
25th 0 8
26th 0 7
27th 0 6
28th 0 5
29th 0 4
30th 0 3
31st 0 2
32nd 0 1


6.2 – Disconnects: No points are given for disconnects.

6.3 – Reserves: Reserve drivers are awarded 50% of the points usually given for their finishing position, and these points are transferred to the driver they replaced.


7.1 – Submission form: Any complaints have to be submitted using the dedicated form which can be found on the XPLR Discord.

7.2 – Stewards board: Race incidents will be assessed by the stewards board,after taking all evidence into account will decide on which punishment if any is necessary. Their decision is always final.

7.3 – Video evidence: For all incidents you wish to appeal, video evidence must be sent to the league host/administrator in a private message. Also, please fill in the incident form to make sure your complaint is logged. This will then be reviewed to decide if a penalty is to be applied.

7.4 – Deadline: You have two days from the race finish to report any incidents with all supporting evidence. Any incident reported outside of this will not be investigated. If you don’t send evidence or don’t fill in the form then nothing will be done. We won’t go searching for incidents. We trust that if improper conduct occurs that the relevant parties will report it to admin.


8.1 Penalty system: XPLR uses a licence system to record driving standards and general behaviour. If deemed necessary drivers will be penalised for infringements. Penalties and licence points are specific to the league they’re issued in and do not rollover to new leagues.

The following are a list of infringements and their respective penalties.


  • Failure to confirm attendance / non-attendance – 1x strike
  • No-show for league – 1x strike
  • Second unexplained no-show – Automatic removal from league
  • Rage quitting – 1x strike and 10 licence points
  • Abusive behaviour in chat or on Discord (including discussing incidents) – 1x strike and 15 licence points
  • Serious abusive behaviour – Considered for league removal

On track behaviour

  • Not respecting qualifying etiquette – 5 pts
  • Careless driving causing an incident – 5 pts (10 pts if offending driver does not wait for drivers affected to go past)
  • Reckless driving causing an incident – 10 pts (20 pts if offending driver does not wait for drivers affected to go past)
  • Serious unsporting behaviour – Removal from league

Punishment for accumulation of infringements

  • 3x strikes – consideration for removal from league
  • 15 licence pts – banned from qualifying for the next race
  • 25 licence pts – banned from taking part in the next race
  • 40 licence pts – consideration for removal from league